Carrion Crown

Initial timeline

Initial timeline for the Haunting of Harrowstone

Sonday, Year 4692 AR: Professor Petros Lorrimor writes in his personal journal regarding the Whispering Way.

Wealday, 6 Sarenith, Year 4702 AR: The professor enters a brief note in his journal that the Way seems to be interested in something near Ravengro.

Fireday, 13 Erastus: An entry is made in the professor’s journal that the Whispering Way seems to have some interest in Harrowstone Prison.

Sonday, 22 Erastus: The professor writes in his journal that the Whispering Way cult is interested specifically in someone who was held in Harrowstone, and proposes that the Temple of Pharasma might have a list of former prisoners who died in the fire.

Toliday, 24 Erastus: The journal records the professor’s discovery of an active and malevolent haunting at Harrowstone, as well as the presence of strange runic glyphs carved around the prison.

Wealday, 25 Erastus: Professor Lorrimor updates his last will and testament, and encloses his personal journal in a locked chest with several other dark arcane tomes. That evening he apparently makes his way up the hill toward Harrowstone Prison.

Oathday, 26 Erastus: Sometime in the morning, Jominda Fallenbridge, out gathering herbs for her apothecarium, comes across the professor’s body on the little-traveled road leading up to the prison. She immediately calls the town sheriff, Benjan Caeller. The professor’s body is taken to the Temple of Pharasma. After reviewing the professor’s will, Councilman Vashian realizes that it may take an extended period to gather the interested parties for the professor’s funeral, and impresses upon Father Grimburrow to perform a spell of Gentle Repose on the body. The body remains in the temple’s locked crypt until the morning of the memorial service.

Fireday, 27 Erastus: Kendra Lorrimor, distraught but strong, immediately hires messengers to deliver the necessary letters to the player characters.

Sonday, 30 Erastus: The messenger arrives in Lepidstadt. He uses the funds provided by Kendra Lorrimor to hire a rider to go to the northern Shudderwood to deliver the message to Theophilus. He takes the letter to the university and delivers it to Marcus’ supervisor, and then rests overnight. Marcus’ supervisor does not deliver the letter to him until the next morning.

Moonday, 1 Arodus: Marcus leaves on a carriage headed for Ravengro.

Toliday, 2 Arodus: The messenger delivers Kendra’s letter to San-ji at her cabin in the southern Shudderwood. San-ji leaves that afternoon. The second messenger delivers Kendra’s “message in a bottle” to Theophilus’ cairn.

Oathday, 4 Arodus: Theophilus checks in at the cairn and finds Kendra’s letter. He climbs aboard a carriage late that evening.

Fireday, 5 Arodus: San-ji, having ridden hard, arrives in Ravengro in the morning; one of the daughter of the owners of the Ravengro General Store, is setting up the family’s market stall in the town circle and directs San-ji to the Lorrimor estate, where the Witch meets Kendra for the first time.

Starday, 6 Arodus: Marcus arrives very early in the morning to Ravengro. He meets Zokar, the proprietor of The Laughing Demon, who directs him to the Lorrimor estate. After failing to ‘hit it off’ with San-ji, he meets Kendra and settles in.

Toliday, 9 Arodus: Theophilus arrives by carriage to Ravengro. A fruit stall merchant in the town circle (and incidentally, one of the farmhands who is part of Gibs Hephenus’ mob the following morning) directs the Inquisitor to the Lorrimor estate. That afternoon, Kendra introduces the three adventurers to Dabda Rockcaller, Cleric of Pharasma, and informs them that her father’s memorial will be the following day.



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