Carrion Crown

Out for Blood

Out for Blood

Real date: July 19, 2012
In-game date: Fireday, 11 Arodus 4702

San-ji and Marcus
San-ji was used to the nocturnal sojourns of her curious fox familiar, Sir Gonkwin. But upon waking this night, the witch had a feeling that something was amiss. Lying awake in bed, she could sense that the fox was a distance away, and was projecting a nervous anxiety.

Hearing a noise downstairs, the elf made her way to the kitchen, where she found Marcus, who apparently had been awakened by a nightmare. The magus described the bloody scrawl above his bed, then showed the witch the proof.

As she examined the iron-scented blood, San-ji was alerted by her fox that he needed her. Explaining to Marcus that she needed to find the fox, the elf went to traipse through the darkness, but the librarian, unusually helpful, insisted on going with her. Quickly penning a note, the two headed out into the night.

Eventually the pair made their way to a thicket of trees a distance west of the Lorrimor house. Crawling through the tangled undergrowth, they discovered a small animal den – and a large rat, its throat slit, drained completely of blood. Marcus suggested that, given their proximity to the Harrowstone monument, the blood had been used to deface it once again, and the two went to investigate.

The statue had indeed been vandalized – this time with the letters V E gruesomely inscribed on the stone base. As San-ji investigated the memorial, the two heard a voice behind them – Sheriff Caeller, accompanied by one of his deputies.

The witch explained what the two had discovered while searching for her pet, and as evidence of her story offered to take the sheriff back to show him the wall of Marcus’s bedroom. But as the group turned to leave, a rustling in the trees along the bank grabbed their attention – and a mob of bloated ticks crawled forth to attack!

Through the prodigious archery skills of the Sheriff and San-ji, and the magics of Marcus, they were able to thwart the blood-thirsty vermin, but not without injury – both the deputy and Marcus lost a good amount of blood. Taking the injured back to the town jail for patching up, the group returned in the late afternoon to the Lorrimor house, where new allies awaited them…



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