Carrion Crown

Funeral for a Friend

Funeral for a Friend

Real date: February 18, 2012
In-game date: Wealday, 10 Arodus 4702

Having gathered in the uneasy town of Ravengro, Marcus Gans, San-ji, and Theophilus prepare to pay their final respects to their comrade / mentor/ employer Professor Petros Lorrimor. Taking advantage of the hospitality of the professor’s daughter, Kendra, the group is staying at the Lorrimor estate just south of the town circle.

Early in the overcast morning of Wealday, 10 Arodus, the three adventurers, with Dabda and Kendra, set out to the Temple of Pharasma, on the other side of town, where they collect the casket containing Professor Lorrimor’s body.

A wagon takes them to the gates of the Restlands graveyard, where they are met by a party of townsfolk, including Councilmen Vashian Hearthmount and Gharen Muricar, Zokar Elkarid and his son Pevrin, and Jominda Fallenbridge. Councilman Hearthmount offers his heartfelt condolences to Kendra, and then the group heads into the north entrance of the Restlands to await the funeral procession at the grave site.

Kendra explains that traditionally only the kin of the deceased and his pallbearers will make the trip along the Dreamwalk, the gravel path that winds through the Restlands cemetery, and so the party heads in amongst the tombs.

But just shy of the sharp turn in the Dreamwake that leads onto the Eversleep Path, the party encounters an entourage of six drunken townsfolk and farmers, led by an angry Gibs Hephenus. Hephenus confronts Kendra and demands that her father – a “necromancer” according to the elderly man – must not be buried in the Restlands.

San-ji (with aid from Marcus) cows the mob somewhat with her angry words, but Hephenus is not frightened. Theophilus steps in and helps to defuse the situation with some diplomatic words, and the will of the mob breaks, the angry townsfolk dispersing out of the cemetery.

Just as this occurs, Father Grimburrow and two gravediggers arrive, and Kendra explains what happened. The procession continues on to the grave site unhindered.

At the grave, Kendra delivers some words of eulogy for her departed father and breaks down in tears. At Grimburrow’s invitation, Theophilus steps forward and delivers a touching remembrance of the professor; Marcus places a tabard from the faculty of the University of Lepidstadt onto the coffin, and San-ji has her familiar, Gonkwin, drop several wildflowers into the grave.

The memorial service completed, the party returns to the Lorrimor estate, accompanied by Kendra, Dabda, and Councilman Vashian, for the reading of the professor’s will. In the will, the professor lays out both a charge and payment for his compatriots: For a hefty sum of 100 platinum coin apiece, the party must return several tomes of dark arcane knowledge to the University of Lepidstadt; before departing, however, he asks that they remain a month with his daughter, to ensure her safety as she clears up the remainder of her father’s affairs and determines whether to keep the Ravengro house or to move on elsewhere.

Vashian delivers the key to the chest containing the tomes to the party. Marcus unlocks the chest and inside finds not only the three tomes mentioned in the will – but a battered leather-bound journal filled with the professor’s notes and memories. Six of these entries have been circled, and as Theophilus reads them aloud, the party realizes that the professor’s death may not have been as innocuous as it seemed.

Theophilus, San-ji, and Dabda determine to visit the Temple of Pharasma to investigate certain statements from the journal, while Marcus decides to remain behind to care for Kendra, in case she needs aid.



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