Carrion Crown

Things You See In a Graveyard

Things You See In a Graveyard

Real date: July 6, 2012
In-game date: Fireday, 11 Arodus 4702

Awakening in the morning, Theophilus discovered that the house was empty, save for Kendra, who waited in the kitchen. Sometime during the night, Marcus and San-ji had left, apparently to find the witch’s wayward familiar.

While breaking his fast with the professor’s daughter, Dabda arrived at the Lorrimor estate and announced that, despite her protests, she had been asked to deliver the local temple’s report on the hidden crypt chapel to the regional elders of Pharasma. She asks Theo to accompany her to the north of town, near the Restlands, to meet the carriage on which she is to depart. Theo complies and heads out with the dwarven cleric, not realizing that leaving behind his armor and weapons will soon become a major mistake.

While waiting near the uneven stone walls of the graveyard just shy the gate, Theo hears strange sighing and scrabbling noises from across the wall. Carefully clambering up the rock wall, Theo finds a just over a score of undead shambling about. The curious cleric startles the inquisitor by grabbing at the leg of his trousers, and he sends her to close the graveyard gate.

As fate had it, at that moment Dabda’s carriage comes rattling down the pockmarked road, and the loud clattering attracts the zombies, who begin shambling toward the gate. Desperate to distract them so that Dabda can safely pen them in, Theo readies his weapon – but for the first time in his memory, Maturin’s Comet misfires. Nonetheless, the clack of the hammer striking alerts a few of the zombies – but the mass continues toward the gate.

Daeron and TeeChee
The wandering half-Orc Cleric, Daeron, and his companion, the Vanaran monk TeeChee, have been searching for months for Professor Lorrimor . Daeron and his (now-deceased) mate had saved Lorrirmor’s life and had given them a necklace as a sign of debt; now widowed in a vicious hobgoblin attack, Daeron had been nursed back to health by a temple of monks that had long ago adopted TeeChee. With no clear goals and fighting despair, Daeron decided to seek out the professor; the Vanaran monk was sent with the half-Orc to experience the wider world.

Several days prior, the two wanderers had finally made their way to Lepidstadt, where they were informed that Professor Lorrimor had moved on to the small town of Ravengro – where he had recently passed away. The two board a carriage, hoping to find answers, or possibly relations of the professor.

After traveling southward into the unhealthy lands around Ravengro, the Cleric and Monk finally came into site of Ravengro, but as the carriage nears the graveyard to the north of the town TeeChee hears a concerned shout and notices two hurried figures near the graveyard. His keen senses indicate to him that the distant figures are in some sort of peril, and he alerts Daeron, then drops gracefully from the moving coach and dashes toward the stone walls of the cemetery.

Daeron, TeeChee, and Theo
Deftly ascending the graveyard wall, TeeChee sees the the horde of undead and opens fire, whilst Theo warns the newcomers of the threat. The carriage skids to a halt a safe distance away, and Daeron leaps out, dashing toward the impending fray. Dabda, realizing that she will be unable to close the gate in time, readies her warhammer and shield, and the battle ensues.

From his vantage point on the wall, TeeChee suppresses the zombie horde with his rapid arrows, while Dabda crushes the skull of the one of the first zombies through the gate with her warhammer. Theo drops clear of the wall, only to be pursued by several of the walking corpses. Reaching the field of combat, Daeron hands his aspergillum to the unarmed Theo, who turns in time to attack one of the corpses, but to suffer a hindering wound in return.

As the two Clerics begin to channel their holy energy to weaken the undead foes, TeeChee continues to guard those in melee with carefully-placed flights of arrows. He soon finds himself occupied with taking out zombies attempting to flank the group, and helping the unarmored Theo to withdraw from the press, as the Inquisitor has suffered several injurious blows. Despite his efforts, Dabda and Daeron begin to suffer greater threat and harm from the hammer-like strikes of the corpses, and Daeron takes a moment to instead channel his energy toward his allies, healing the more grievous of their wounds.

After a few touch-and-go moments, the combined efforts of arrow, holy energy, and steel return the undead to their former inanimate state, and the two new adventurers are able to introduce themselves. Discovering that Theo and Dabda are both friends of the former professor, they decide to return to town with the two.

Before heading back to the Lorrimor place, however, Theo attempts to track down the source of the magic that animated the graveyard ghouls. The lingering trail of magic leads them to the hill south of the town, below the ominous ruins of the prison.

In no shape to brave the potential threats of Harrowstone, the party returns to Kendra. Daeron introduces himself and his companion to the professor’s daughter, and she asks that he hold onto the necklace that was given to him (which bears the Lorrimor family crest). The four adventurers chat and forge acquaintances in the warm comfort of Kendra’s kitchen, safe from the horrors for now.

But what of Marcus and San-ji? How goes their search for the wayward fox familiar? Stay tuned…



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