• Daeron the Cursed

    Daeron the Cursed

    Half orc cleric of Ketephys (elven nature god)
  • Marcus Gans

    Marcus Gans

    A wry-witted librarian-turned adventure, in the prime of his life; the sharpness of his spells are oustripped only by the sharpness of his tongue.
  • San-ji


    A "kitchen witch", acoylte of shadow, of some renown in the Shudderwood region of Vieland county.
  • Sir Gonkwin (San-ji's familiar)

    Sir Gonkwin (San-ji's familiar)

    A small, shadowy black fox with a mischevious disposition, that acts as San-ji's familiar.
  • Theophilus Skorzenyi

    Theophilus Skorzenyi

    An eremetic witch-hunter bearing the antique weapon Maturin's Comet, Theophilus is the "Shooting Star" of Desna.
  • Alendru Ghoroven

    Alendru Ghoroven

    Slightly pompous but a good man, this retired wizard fulfills Ravengro's magical and educational needs.
  • Benjan Caeller

    Benjan Caeller

    Gruff and intelligent, the town's sheriff is no-nonsense about his duties.
  • Dabda Rockcaller

    Dabda Rockcaller

    Devout to Pharasma, this smith-turned-cleric is both loyal and tough.
  • Father Vauran Grimburrow

    Father Vauran Grimburrow

    A grotesque-looking but friendly Dwarf who devoutly serves Pharasma by tenidng to the spiritual needs of the people of Ravengro.
  • Gibs Hephenus

    Gibs Hephenus

    Cantankerous and distrusting, this retired soldier-turned-drunkard embodies the worst of Ravengro's xenophobia.
  • Jominda Fallenbridge

    Jominda Fallenbridge

    An auburn-haired, introverted intellectual beauty with an alchemical proficiency (unfortunately off-set by her social awkwardness).
  • Kendra Lorrimor

    Kendra Lorrimor

    A young woman with ambitions of travel and more than a little skill at magic, the daughter of the late Professor Lorrimor is a strength in her own right.
  • Lyvar Hawkran

    Lyvar Hawkran

    Now deceased, the former warden of Harrowstone Prison
  • Professor Petros Lorrimor

    Professor Petros Lorrimor

    Renowned explorer, scientist, patron, and renaissance man of Varisia, now deceased.
  • Vashian Hearthmount

    Vashian Hearthmount

    A porcine but well-meaning retired captain, Vashian Hearthmount is highly protective of his town, especially when it comes to strangers.
  • Vesorianna Hawkran

    Vesorianna Hawkran

    Deceased, Vesorianna was the beautiful wife of Harrowstone's last warden.
  • Zokar Elkarid

    Zokar Elkarid

    The stereotypical jolly, hefty innkeeper who believes that the best weapon against horror is laughter.