Benjan Caeller

Gruff and intelligent, the town's sheriff is no-nonsense about his duties.


Ravengro’s sheriff is a dark-eyed, stubble-faced man of middle age with a graveled voice. Despite the town’s (thus far) peaceful nature, Caeller nonetheless openly wears a set of studded leather armor and a leather trench coat, and openly carries a small crossbow while on duty, and a large hunting knife on his belt at all times.

From below his wide-brimmed leather hat, Benjan watches over the town of Ravengro, and often makes special stops by Jominda’s Apothecary – for what reason, only Benjan knows, but the rumors are that the apothecary sometimes deals in more illicit goods than her usual tinctures and potions, thus why the lawman frequents her store.

Benjan Caeller

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