Father Vauran Grimburrow

A grotesque-looking but friendly Dwarf who devoutly serves Pharasma by tenidng to the spiritual needs of the people of Ravengro.


A kindly if close-mouthed old Dwarven priest, Father Vauran Grimburrow has served the Temple of Pharasma for going on 40 years now. The townsfolk have come to see past his somewhat unnerving appearance and realize that he is a true treasure: A clergyman who is both pious and self-effacing.

At first glance, however, the good Father’s visage is somewhat perturbing: Although of a typical dwarf build (short), Grimburrow is not stocky, but somewhat lean and lumpy. His skin has a bronzish-green palor to it, his head is somewhat out of kindle with his body, his nose is like a bulbous turnip, and the only hair (other than his caterpillar-like eyebrows) clumps out of his large, pointed ears.

Spending a few minutes speaking with the soft-spoken dwarf will reveal that he is compassionate and humble – holy but without arrogance. At the same time, the strength of his faith can often make him obstinately defensive against requests that might harm his flock or his temple.

Father Vauran Grimburrow

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