Jominda Fallenbridge

An auburn-haired, introverted intellectual beauty with an alchemical proficiency (unfortunately off-set by her social awkwardness).


A native of Ravengro, Jominda Fallenbridge grew up in the secluded town. Although she was a tomboy and spent as much time rough-housing with the boys, she also possessed a focused intellect that led her parents to apprentice her to an alchemist on the northern shore of Lake Lias.

Eventually, Jominda became a skilled alchemist in her own right, and opened up her own shop in Ravengro. She prepares tinctures and potions for the townsfolk, and often acts as a doctor for minor injuries and surgeries. Because of their similar intellectual pursuits, the woman was a fairly close friend to Professor Lorrimor (and, by extension, to Kendra).

The middle-aged woman’s dark red hair and fine-boned facial features make her rather attractive, but she tends to be fairly shy and is fairly disinterested in social graces. Because of the sometimes unstable nature of her profession, Jominda often walks about town with smudges of soot on her face, trailing odd astringent scents from her latest experiments. She typically prefers to wear plain homespun dresses of dark green – but these are usually hidden behind a chemical-stained leather apron.

Jominda Fallenbridge

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