Kendra Lorrimor

A young woman with ambitions of travel and more than a little skill at magic, the daughter of the late Professor Lorrimor is a strength in her own right.


Kendra Lorrimor had a somewhat strange upbringing as the daughter of Professor Petros Lorrimor. Her mother, Samanda, who was employed in the infirmary of the University of Lepidstadt, died when Kendra was four years old, of a blood ailment.

Professor Lorrimor, away on one of his many explorations, returned as soon as he got word, and then (mostly) stayed at the college to raise little Kendra until she was nine years old (this would mark his longest stint in residence at university throughout his life). Kendra adored her father, and he his daughter, but he wanted her to grow to be an independent and learned woman in her own right.

Thus, at the age of nine, he began to travel again. When the trip was planned to be safe enough, Kendra would accompany him, a bright-eyed, dark-haired girl who had inherited her father’s unsettlingly piercing gaze. But these safe trips were few, and Kendra was more often left in the care of the college porters and facutly, who delighted in the little girl. Because of this, Kendra had a somewhat eclectic education, and with her sharp mind (and inherent skill at divination and foresight) quickly soaked up knowledge far above her age.

Six years after this, at the age of fifteen, now a blossoming young woman, Kendra moved with her father to the town of Ravengro upon his ‘retirement’ from the university (although as Kendra rightly guessed, the old academic was never really able to leave the school behind, and visited often) and began to keep house for her oft-absent father.

Because of the nature of his work, Kendra was often kept distant from the subjects of her father’s study, and after becoming a teenager did not often travel with her father, but instead stayed in Ravengro, becoming known (and trusted) by the locals.

Now, at age 25, Kendra is a handsome, capable woman. She often wears somber clothing in hues of dark red or navy blue, which sometimes mutes her curvaceous figure. Most often her brown hair is pulled back to a bun atop her head, a few whisps often pulled loose from her work throughout the day. Her eyes, a rich brown, retain the same keen (and sometimes disconcerting) focus when she is engaged and passionate about a subject.

Kendra Lorrimor

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