Professor Petros Lorrimor

Renowned explorer, scientist, patron, and renaissance man of Varisia, now deceased.


Professor Lorrimor was a distinguished gentleman in good physical condition. In his youth, he sported a wild head of sandy blond hair, a fierce sand-colored goatee and mustache, and a piercing gaze made somewhat discomfiting by his black eyes. He most often wore somber, serviceable black cloth scholar’s garb (discretely padded for protection against attacks) and no jewelry.

As he grew older, the professor’s face grew etched both with laugh and worry lines, clearly illustrating the zest with which he led his life – and the burdens he carried voluntarily. His graying hair receded, leaving an unkempt length of hair cascading down the back of his neck. In his later decades he sometimes walked with a cane due to an injury to his right leg.

In his last 10 years, the professor grew more lithe, showing a gauntness almost befitting a holy prophet on his fasting journeys. Those who conversed with him could see a fiery zeal in his eyes, despite the closed nature he kept regarding the subject of his latest studies.

The last time the characters see Professor Lorrimor before his burial is in his coffin at the Temple of Pharasma just outside Ravengro. He looks much the same as they knew him, save that his face seems more careworn and is frozen in a look of peaceful shock. Thanks to a spell of Gentle Repose cast upon him by Father Grimburrow, the professor’s body remains intact long enough for his friends to gather from afar for his memorial.


Professor Petros Lorrimor was the type of man etymologists had in mind when they coined the term ‘polymath’. A student of alchemy, the arcane, the philosophies, and of life in general, the professor held the ideal that anything done in the pursuit of knowledge (that did not unduly harm another living creature) was not only just, but nigh-on compulsory.

Hundreds of Varisians’ lives were touched by Lorrimor; as a teacher, explorer, confidant, lover, the man came into contact with thousands of others, and unless they were clearly at odds with the side of right, they almost assuredly remembered him fondly. He cultivated hundreds of close relationships in his life.

Much of his life was spent as professor-in-residence at the University of Lepidstadt – although he was far more likely to be spending time in the field, researching his latest subject of study, than in the classroom. Despite his busy schedule, the professor always found time for anyone who showed an aptitude for and serious interest in one of his fields of interest.

Despite his zeal for socializing, over the last 20 years of his life became more socially enclosed, and devoted much of his time in pursuit of knowledge regarding an incredibly obscure cult, the Whispering Way. For the last 20 years of his life, he made his home in the town of Ravengro, settled beneath the ruins of the decrepit and abandoned Harrowstone Prison.

It was in this strange, haunting town that the intrepid scholar eventually met his final fate – and it is here that three of his comrades now gather to attend the professor’s memorial, and to take upon themselves the completion of the professor’s final, posthumous charge.

Professor Petros Lorrimor

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