TeeChee name is TeeChee. TeeChee am told it came from the sounds TeeChee made when TeeChee first started living at the Temple. TeeChee’s teachers tell TeeChee that someday when TeeChee know who and what TeeChee am TeeChee might want a new name, but for now TeeChee am happy with TeeChee. Master Nor is having me write this history so TeeChee can learn TeeChee’s background at the Temple and practice writing. This is good because until recently TeeChee was thought to be incapable of writing or speech and so would not have been able to record what the monks know of TeeChee.

TeeChee arrives at Monastery
Master Wing says that it was a fine day when the merchant brought him two gifts, an unusual piece of wood and TeeChee. The merchant was from a distant town and had heard that the brothers had a wonderful knowledge of wood, so he came to see if they would want the unusual wood he had found. Master Wing has since moved on but the wood is still here and TeeChee study it with Brother Monji, but that is getting ahead of TeeChee’s story. None of the masters could identify the wood, but it was strong and flexible enough that they bargained with the merchant for it. He had also brought a young beast with him, TeeChee, that was similar to some beasts that live in trees but different. TeeChee was young for a beast and barely able to move but already as large as some of the smaller of the tree beast in size. TeeChee was covered in a soft brown fur, and had a long tail, where the larger tree beasts had only short tails. No one knew what type of beast TeeChee was but when the merchant left TeeChee was not well, and was left with the brothers to try to heal.

An unusual pet
It turned out that TeeChee was not well due to what TeeChee was being fed and soon was health again when fed breads and fruits. As the TeeChee grew, TeeChee was treated by the brothers as a pet and TeeChee would fetch and carry things for them in exchange for fruit. Able to climb TeeChee quickly became comfortable in the temple and on the temple, claiming the temple roofs as TeeChee’s playground. As TeeChee grew to the size of a small child, TeeChee was everywhere in the temple and except for a few of the older brothers was liked by most of the brothers. TeeChee was behaving like the brothers that were near TeeChee, that tended to cause smiles or laughs from all but the most cynical of them. One of the younger brothers gave TeeChee a loincloth one day and soon TeeChee wore it always, it didn’t fit well with tail but it was TeeChee’s. TeeChee tried other clothes but the loincloth was best.

The skilled mimic
As another year or two passed the TeeChee started to do as TeeChee saw the brothers doing. Aping their daily chores and practices, was fun for TeeChee. Some found this amusing, like a new trick. Others were furious, thinking TeeChee was mocking them. But Master Jolin, the teacher of the hand and foot, saw it as an invitation to test his teaching skills. Could he teach a beast like TeeChee, the Way of Hand and Foot? So instead of letting the brothers drive away TeeChee, he started to teach TeeChee, correcting TeeChee’s movements and showing TeeChee what to do. Everyone was amazed when TeeChee learned the Way, quickly outstripping some of the novices that had been training for years. Instead of mimicking them TeeChee was actually training with them. And the proof that TeeChee wasn’t mimicking was when Master Jolin found the TeeChee practicing at night with only TeeChee, with no one to mimic.

TeeChee speaks
After a year of training TeeChee began to make sounds when practicing alone. To those that had taken to watching TeeChee, these sounds sounded like the names of the movements. To test this theory one of the brothers made a movement and looked at TeeChee. After a moment TeeChee made the same movement and made a series of sounds that was close to the movements name of ‘Falling Star Fist’. TeeChee was brought to the masters and determined that TeeChee was not a beast but a younger brother. Since TeeChee could learn speech TeeChee was added to the classes for the youngest novices and one of the masters began to train TeeChee to speech. After four years the pet became a novice, the beast became a boy, and TeeChee became a person.

The change was hard for me, since TeeChee was used to running around wild. And when it became too much TeeChee could always hid on the roofs, where few of the brothers could go. Clothes and even worst sandals were torture at first but if TeeChee did not wear them TeeChee got no training or lessons and could not eat. In time TeeChee adjusted but it was hard to understand such restrictions since TeeChee had never had any. But in time the rules that made a beast into a boy, became part of who TeeChee was, since without law all men are beasts.

Love of wood
As time passed and TeeChee grew older, TeeChee’s chores also grew and changed. Instead of sweeping the temple and raking the leaves, TeeChee began to aid Master Borsin gather wood for the brother’s bows. TeeChee was assigned this task since TeeChee was the best climber at the temple, but soon found TeeChee also seemed able to sense when wood was good or bad. TeeChee learned how to harvest and shape wood under Master Borsin’s tutelage, as well as the making of glue, drying of wood and what wood does what well. It wasn’t long till TeeChee was capable of all the tasks around his workshop, all but one that is for TeeChee had not yet touched a bow.

Bow and bow
When TeeChee asked Master Borsin about helping with the bows, he became angry and sent TeeChee away. Or so TeeChee thought, but in truth he sent TeeChee away to see if TeeChee could learn the Way of the Bow, as TeeChee had the Way of the Hand and Foot. TeeChee tried at first to buy TeeChee’s way back into his workshop, bringing the best woods, the glue plants and other items he needed, but each time he chased TeeChee away. TeeChee gave up but still could not see a way back to what TeeChee had with the wood. To calm myself TeeChee worked with it myself making arrows and eventually a very poor imitation of a bow. But what to do with a bow, TeeChee did not know since the archery training grounds was an area TeeChee was forbidden. TeeChee trailed a brother there and watched the training, TeeChee tried to mimic it but TeeChee’s bow was no good and so was TeeChee’s stance. So TeeChee went and made a new bow.

The Way of the Bow
After making many bows, TeeChee began to understand what they needed to be, and TeeChee began to make bows that actually worked. Not well but enough that TeeChee could follow some of the training, and even occasionally hit TeeChee’s target. By now some of the brothers had seen what TeeChee was doing, and they would show TeeChee where TeeChee was going wrong. As TeeChee corrected TeeChee’s grip, TeeChee’s stance and TeeChee’s draw, TeeChee felt the wrongness in TeeChe’s bow, so TeeChee made a new one. In all TeeChee made 9 bows before TeeChee had one that felt right when shooting. One day TeeChee became aware that TeeChee had an audience. It was a gradual awareness and only when TeeChee had run out of arrows. TeeChee do not remember each arrow just the feel of shooting, but they were all in TeeChee’s target. Some of them actually were sticking in other arrows they were clustered so close. Master Toin looked at TeeChee, and at TeeChee’s target then held a hand out for TeeChee’s bow, TeeChee gave it to him. As he examined it TeeChee was afraid he would break it, or keep it, but he just examined it and handed it back, then said “welcome to the Way of the Bow, TeeChee”.

Formal training
From then on TeeChee trained with the others and learned to shoot always from a calm acceptance of what is, almost as if the arrow has already hit or missed even before TeeChee release it. TeeChee also was welcomed back into Master Borsin’s workshop and learned how to make bows, real bows made right instead of TeeChee’s feeble attempts. In time many had bows TeeChee had made, and the making was like a dance or a prayer, another form of worship. In time TeeChee was helping with the bow classes and thought TeeChee was where TeeChee needed to be.

The Outside World
An outsider was left with us, badly wounded, he did not look like TeeChee, but he also did not look like the brothers. TeeChee helped care for him, his wounds were bad and they had been made by lawbreakers. TeeChee could not understand why someone would break laws but the masters said many did in the outside world. TeeChee discussed law breakers with Masters and with new friend, in the end it was decided TeeChee should go into outside world and help deal with law breakers. So when Daeron was healed TeeChee said farewell to brothers and took his bow to the outside world.


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