Vashian Hearthmount

A porcine but well-meaning retired captain, Vashian Hearthmount is highly protective of his town, especially when it comes to strangers.


In some ways, Vashian Hearthmount’s appearance betrays him. Like many former military captains, the councilman ‘ran to paunch’ after his enlistment, and so the several chins, the air of officiousness lent by his commonly-formal garb, and his wary, piggish eyes sometimes lead people to believe him the typical corrupt small-town official.

However, as indicated by the sincerity of his well-wishes toward Kendra, Vashian makes clear that his chariness does not apply to those he trusts. The councilman is highly protective of ‘his’ town and its citizens, and so he is automatically suspicious of outsiders – especially since the safety of his wife and children are concerned by extension. This caution does not mean that Vashian is crooked – only enclosed and careful.

Vashian Hearthmount

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