Zokar Elkarid

The stereotypical jolly, hefty innkeeper who believes that the best weapon against horror is laughter.


In many cases, newcomers to town are introduced to Zokar’s laugh before they ever meet the man. An expansive and raucous personality, the owner of The Laughing Demon has a skewed sense of humor, and has trouble taking the most grave of occasions seriously. Many of the town’s more serious-minded folks quietly grumble about the hefty man’s jovial nature, but at best this would simply make him chuckle all the longer.

With a shock of reddish-brown hair, a mustache as scopious as his personality, no neck to speak of, and a paunch that threatens to spring his apron, the tavern’s widowed proprietor is one of the few open and jolly people in Ravengro. Should the characters stop by he’ll most likely offer them an off-color joke and have his son, Pevrin, run them out steins of the tavern’s glowing, sweet ale known as ‘liquid ghost’.

Zokar Elkarid

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