Carrion Crown

Out for Blood

Out for Blood

Real date: July 19, 2012
In-game date: Fireday, 11 Arodus 4702

San-ji and Marcus
San-ji was used to the nocturnal sojourns of her curious fox familiar, Sir Gonkwin. But upon waking this night, the witch had a feeling that something was amiss. Lying awake in bed, she could sense that the fox was a distance away, and was projecting a nervous anxiety.

Hearing a noise downstairs, the elf made her way to the kitchen, where she found Marcus, who apparently had been awakened by a nightmare. The magus described the bloody scrawl above his bed, then showed the witch the proof.

As she examined the iron-scented blood, San-ji was alerted by her fox that he needed her. Explaining to Marcus that she needed to find the fox, the elf went to traipse through the darkness, but the librarian, unusually helpful, insisted on going with her. Quickly penning a note, the two headed out into the night.

Eventually the pair made their way to a thicket of trees a distance west of the Lorrimor house. Crawling through the tangled undergrowth, they discovered a small animal den – and a large rat, its throat slit, drained completely of blood. Marcus suggested that, given their proximity to the Harrowstone monument, the blood had been used to deface it once again, and the two went to investigate.

The statue had indeed been vandalized – this time with the letters V E gruesomely inscribed on the stone base. As San-ji investigated the memorial, the two heard a voice behind them – Sheriff Caeller, accompanied by one of his deputies.

The witch explained what the two had discovered while searching for her pet, and as evidence of her story offered to take the sheriff back to show him the wall of Marcus’s bedroom. But as the group turned to leave, a rustling in the trees along the bank grabbed their attention – and a mob of bloated ticks crawled forth to attack!

Through the prodigious archery skills of the Sheriff and San-ji, and the magics of Marcus, they were able to thwart the blood-thirsty vermin, but not without injury – both the deputy and Marcus lost a good amount of blood. Taking the injured back to the town jail for patching up, the group returned in the late afternoon to the Lorrimor house, where new allies awaited them…

Things You See In a Graveyard

Things You See In a Graveyard

Real date: July 6, 2012
In-game date: Fireday, 11 Arodus 4702

Awakening in the morning, Theophilus discovered that the house was empty, save for Kendra, who waited in the kitchen. Sometime during the night, Marcus and San-ji had left, apparently to find the witch’s wayward familiar.

While breaking his fast with the professor’s daughter, Dabda arrived at the Lorrimor estate and announced that, despite her protests, she had been asked to deliver the local temple’s report on the hidden crypt chapel to the regional elders of Pharasma. She asks Theo to accompany her to the north of town, near the Restlands, to meet the carriage on which she is to depart. Theo complies and heads out with the dwarven cleric, not realizing that leaving behind his armor and weapons will soon become a major mistake.

While waiting near the uneven stone walls of the graveyard just shy the gate, Theo hears strange sighing and scrabbling noises from across the wall. Carefully clambering up the rock wall, Theo finds a just over a score of undead shambling about. The curious cleric startles the inquisitor by grabbing at the leg of his trousers, and he sends her to close the graveyard gate.

As fate had it, at that moment Dabda’s carriage comes rattling down the pockmarked road, and the loud clattering attracts the zombies, who begin shambling toward the gate. Desperate to distract them so that Dabda can safely pen them in, Theo readies his weapon – but for the first time in his memory, Maturin’s Comet misfires. Nonetheless, the clack of the hammer striking alerts a few of the zombies – but the mass continues toward the gate.

Daeron and TeeChee
The wandering half-Orc Cleric, Daeron, and his companion, the Vanaran monk TeeChee, have been searching for months for Professor Lorrimor . Daeron and his (now-deceased) mate had saved Lorrirmor’s life and had given them a necklace as a sign of debt; now widowed in a vicious hobgoblin attack, Daeron had been nursed back to health by a temple of monks that had long ago adopted TeeChee. With no clear goals and fighting despair, Daeron decided to seek out the professor; the Vanaran monk was sent with the half-Orc to experience the wider world.

Several days prior, the two wanderers had finally made their way to Lepidstadt, where they were informed that Professor Lorrimor had moved on to the small town of Ravengro – where he had recently passed away. The two board a carriage, hoping to find answers, or possibly relations of the professor.

After traveling southward into the unhealthy lands around Ravengro, the Cleric and Monk finally came into site of Ravengro, but as the carriage nears the graveyard to the north of the town TeeChee hears a concerned shout and notices two hurried figures near the graveyard. His keen senses indicate to him that the distant figures are in some sort of peril, and he alerts Daeron, then drops gracefully from the moving coach and dashes toward the stone walls of the cemetery.

Daeron, TeeChee, and Theo
Deftly ascending the graveyard wall, TeeChee sees the the horde of undead and opens fire, whilst Theo warns the newcomers of the threat. The carriage skids to a halt a safe distance away, and Daeron leaps out, dashing toward the impending fray. Dabda, realizing that she will be unable to close the gate in time, readies her warhammer and shield, and the battle ensues.

From his vantage point on the wall, TeeChee suppresses the zombie horde with his rapid arrows, while Dabda crushes the skull of the one of the first zombies through the gate with her warhammer. Theo drops clear of the wall, only to be pursued by several of the walking corpses. Reaching the field of combat, Daeron hands his aspergillum to the unarmed Theo, who turns in time to attack one of the corpses, but to suffer a hindering wound in return.

As the two Clerics begin to channel their holy energy to weaken the undead foes, TeeChee continues to guard those in melee with carefully-placed flights of arrows. He soon finds himself occupied with taking out zombies attempting to flank the group, and helping the unarmored Theo to withdraw from the press, as the Inquisitor has suffered several injurious blows. Despite his efforts, Dabda and Daeron begin to suffer greater threat and harm from the hammer-like strikes of the corpses, and Daeron takes a moment to instead channel his energy toward his allies, healing the more grievous of their wounds.

After a few touch-and-go moments, the combined efforts of arrow, holy energy, and steel return the undead to their former inanimate state, and the two new adventurers are able to introduce themselves. Discovering that Theo and Dabda are both friends of the former professor, they decide to return to town with the two.

Before heading back to the Lorrimor place, however, Theo attempts to track down the source of the magic that animated the graveyard ghouls. The lingering trail of magic leads them to the hill south of the town, below the ominous ruins of the prison.

In no shape to brave the potential threats of Harrowstone, the party returns to Kendra. Daeron introduces himself and his companion to the professor’s daughter, and she asks that he hold onto the necklace that was given to him (which bears the Lorrimor family crest). The four adventurers chat and forge acquaintances in the warm comfort of Kendra’s kitchen, safe from the horrors for now.

But what of Marcus and San-ji? How goes their search for the wayward fox familiar? Stay tuned…

Continued Investigations

Continued Investigations

Real date: March 10, 2012
In-game date: Oathday, 10 Arodus 4702

As the party returned from the Harrowstone Memorial, they discussed their plans for the day. Theophilus and San-ji headed into town to visit the apothecary and the local taverns, while Marcus and Kendra headed back to the Lorrimor residence, and Dabda returned to the Temple of Pharasma.


Marcus spent the early afternoon in Professor Lorrimor’s library, expanding his knowledge of the professor’s final topic of investigation, Harrowstone Prison. He learned of the brave actions (and errors) that led to the prison’s fiery destruction: How five of the most notorious criminals in the region had recently arrived at the prison; how the prisoners had actually taken over the lower dungeons; of the brave sacrifice made by Warden Lyvar Hawkran, who triggered a deadfall, sealing them into the dungeons to prevent a mass prisoner escape; and how the panicked guards above, in a last desperate attempt to drive back those prisoners, actually started the blaze that led to so many deaths.

Additionally, Marcus confirmed that Lyvar’s wife, Vesorianna had died in the fire (although no one seemed to understand why she was actually in the prison proper at the time).

Having exhausted the professor’s resources on the topic, the librarian had a chat with Kendra, who informed him that three other locations about town – the Temple of Pharasma, the records in the town hall’s offices, and tomes at The Unfurling Scroll – might help fill in the gaps in the story. After asking Kendra to speak to the council head on their behalf, Marcus decided to tackle the temple first, and headed to speak with Father Grimburrow.

While persuasive, the scholar was initially unable to convince the reticent priest to allow him access to the temple’s records. A minor bribe of ten gold pieces, though, overrode the grotesque dwarf’s reluctance, and Marcus was led to the small, locked stacks in the temple’s basement.

Left amongst the dusty scrolls and musty books, a few more pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Marcus learned the monikers of the five prisoners responsible for the revolt: Father Charlatan, the Lopper, the Mosswater Marauder, the Piper of Illmarsh, and the Splatter Man. He also ran across an apparently unread account from one of the surviving guards, detailing how Vesorianna’s death came about: The warden’s home was on the grounds of the prison, and hearing the alarm bells Vesorianna went to check on her husband’s safety. When she discovered that her husband had sealed himself into the dungeon with the most dangerous prisoners, and that the guards on the surface were too cowardly to try to aid him, she flew into a rage and demanded the guards assist; unable to deal with both her and the criminals in the prison’s upper cells, they subdued her and locked her in a storeroom – where she was forgotten, and burned to death in the subsequent conflagration.

One last important item the librarian found was a vivid verbal description of the prison’s layout, including the fact that much of the prison’s eastern wing had collapsed in on itself due to the fire’s damage, and partially flooded from the nearby lake.

With new knowledge in tow (as well as Dabda, who had spent the day assisting at the temple), Marcus headed back to the Lorrimor residence to share with his fellow adventurers.

Theo and San-ji

The inquisitor and the witch first headed to Jominda’s apothecary to question its owner. The auburn-haired woman freely admitted that she was good friends with the professor, meeting with him frequently to discuss alchemy and herbalism and other shared interests. But the alchemist admitted that the professor had said nothing to her about health problems. She also was not aware of the professor taking any of the common herbal compounds that could sometimes lead to heart problems – yerba mate, ma huang, guarana, scullcap, etc.

The scholarly woman also mentioned that the professor had cancelled a number of their gab sessions of late, devoting much of his time to a research project apparently involving the prison.

She expressed honest distress that the professor might have been poisoned, and knew of no one in town who might have had a deadly qualm with the professor (even the unlikeable Gibs Hephenus). Finally, when questioned about those around town who might have a facility toward higher magic, she suggested the two speak to Alendru Ghoroven, the proprietor of The Unfurling Scroll (a former alumni of the University of Lepidstadt, although not a close compatriot of the professor).

With their interview of Jominda completed, the two then headed toward The Laughing Demon on the western edge of the town proper. There they met Zokar, the tavern’s humorous and girthy proprietor, and his sandy-haired son Pevrin. Also present, cranky as usual, was Gibs Hephenus (who quickly finished his meal and stormed out), and a couple of farmhands from around the town.

San-ji especially liked the tavernkeep, and sampled a number of the tavern’s jocularly-named wares (liquid ghost, corpse chowder, and wolf balls). Theophilus used his Detect Magic to note that a simple Prestidigitation spell was behind the liquid ghost’s strange glow (also revealing that Zokar apparently had some minor faculty in magic).

When questioned, Zokar advised the two adventurers that he knew nothing of the professor’s ill health; although he liked the professor, Lorrimor did not often patron the tavern, instead occasionally picking up a cask of brandy from the tavern to enjoy at his home. The barkeep was also not aware of anyone with a severe quarrel with the professor, nor where Gibs might have gotten the idea that the man was a necromancer (although Zokar noted that the professor had been seen poking around at the abandoned prison recently).

San-ji asked about the tavern’s wine selections, and Zokar offered up two bottles – one that was not nearly as fruity as the scent mingled with the blood from the statue, and the second (a port) that more closely matched the scent). The witch purchased the bottle to take with her under the pretense of a gift for Kendra.

Heading from the tavern to The Unfurling Scroll, the two passed by the same group of young girls playing jump-rope games (although this time they were not singing the grisly skipping song from before. Afterward they met the town’s other professor, Alendru Ghoroven, a retired wizard and now a supplier of magical goods and private tutoring to the town’s wealthier families.

Under Theo’s questioning, the friendly (if somewhat pompous) Ghoroven showed no overt animosity toward Professor Lorrimor. He was unaware of any talk that the man was of ill-health, and also did not know of anyone with a serious issue with the late scholar. Gibs Hephenus, according to Ghoroven, was a nasty old man, but not dangerous – the wizard believed Hephenus to have been a soldier previously, although native-born to Ravengro.

Asking after other magic users in the town, Theo was informed that the only person that Ghoroven knew who was a skilled woodsman was the town’s sheriff, Benjan Caeller. He revealed to Theo and San-ji that the man had picked up the skills of a Ranger in his travels, and had rudimentary knowledge of herbalism as well. But in regards to potentially poisonous herbs, the retired wizard pointed to rumors that Caeller kept a close eye on the apothecary – although whether that was because the woman dealt in illicit compounds, or because Caeller might secretly be attracted to her, Ghoroven could not say.

As the two left the shop, Ghoroven said a pleasant farewell, and offered them the services of his small arcane library (for a fee).

Full Party

The adventurers gathered in the evening at the Lorrimor residence to discuss the day’s findings. Marcus shared the fruits of his research while San-ji and Theophilus informed him of the outcome of their interviews.

Theophilus mused intently on the idea that Sheriff Caeller may have the aptitude to have defaced the memorial himself, but could not specifically determine a reason why he might have vandalized the memorial. Could it have been jealousy because of Jominda’s friendship with the professor – or was he reading into it too much?

The adventurers headed off to bed for a restful night of slumber. But in the dark of the night, Marcus awoke to a strange noise – the squeaking and scrabbling of rats. He sat up to find himself locked in a prison cell – barred windows, moldy floor, rotting straw on the pallet that had replaced his bed, and a strong cell door. As the cell filled with a scent of fire, the librarian spotted blood beginning to pour down the cold stone wall above his bed – spelling out his name in splattered letters.

But as the ghostly finger began to trace the S at the end of his name, Marcus awoke with a start from the nightmare. Or was it? For above his bed, the man noticed that the wet blood, spelling out M A R C U still stained the wall of his comfortable room.

Redemptions and Desecrations

Redemptions and Desecreations

Real date: March 3, 2012
In-game date: Oathday, 10 Arodus 4702

After descending the ladder into the ruined chapel in the Restlands, the adventurers and Dabda began to explore the large room, looking for the cache of ghost-hunting equipment noted in the professor’s journal.

Passing between the collapsed pews, Theophilus approached the intact bookcase. Most of the books were rotting away and crumbled at a touch; three books were salvageable (but contained no immediately helpful knowledge), while two scrolls offered an interesting historical look at the region’s past. Apparently the ruined chapel was used as a secret meeting place of the followers of Pharasma during the reign of the Whispering Tyrant, over a thousand years ago.

San-ji made her way carefully to the front of the chapel, checking for traps and looking under pews. Dabda examined the statue of Pharasma, while Marcus eyed the ruined bookcase. Realizing that “ghost-fighting equipment” would likely be magical in nature, Marcus scanned the front of the room using Detect Magic, and immediately found two sets of magical auras: One beneath the altar, and another behind the wall aback the statue.

Kneeling before the altar, Marcus found a false panel and slid it away to reveal a large wooden chest. Before he could inspect it fully, however, both San-ji and Theophilus caught the haunting strains of a flute melody, drifting down through the ventilation holes in the back of the room. As the witch headed back toward the ladder to check out the noise, two giant centipedes emerged from the vent holes and began to approach the party.

San-ji, believing the music to be a charm, plugged her ears with wax from her lantern and backed away, calling out a warning to her group. The stalwart cleric blessed her friends as she moved forward toward one of the centipedes, and took a minor strike to the arm from the poisonous creature, as yet another centipede crawled forth from the vent holes.

The librarian injured the second centipede with Magic Missiles, knocking it akimbo in a heap of rubble from the pew over which it was climbing. Dabda handily crushed the skull of the front vermin with a single blow from her might warhammer. San-ji readied her bow, but her arrow was denied a target as Marcus blazed the collapsed centipede with his enhanced Burning Hands, and Theophilus decimated the remaining creature with a single shot from his mighty pistol. As the last insect died, the eerie flute melody faded away, as if driven off by the ringing of the pistol shot.

The immediate threat negated, the group resumed the search, eventually revealing both caches of equipment – the first beneath the altar, and the second revealed by Theophilus, who found the hidden trigger (turning the skull in the statue’s hand). With their new-found equipment, the group ascended the ladder back to the false tomb.

As they exited the mausoleum, the adventurers heard the sounds of singing – identified by Dabda as a gravedigger-guard of the temple. San-ji deftly replaced the lock on the crypt, making it appear as though it was again locked, and the group crept away.

Or attempted to creep away. Because of the encumbrance of the new gear, Marcus and Theo were not as silent as needed, and only the quick thinking of San-ji saved the party from discovery. The crafty woman remained behind while her compatriots fled, and (barely) convinced the gravedigger that she had had an ill-feeling about the professor’s grave and had come to check on it. Singing raucously with the priest, San-ji eventually rejoined her friends at the Lorrimor estate, and the party retired to bed after a good night’s work.

The following morning, Marcus arose to make breakfast for everyone. Theophilus awoke Kendra to let her know that breakfast was prepared. The dwarf returned from the temple, where she had delivered the two historical scrolls and spun a convincing tale that she alone had gone to the hidden chapel.

Having broken their fasts, the witch-hunter and the librarian began to examine more closely the equipment they had recovered, determining that some of it was in fact quite valuable money-wise.

San-ji, who had imbibed quite a bit of liquor the evening before, awoke and was in the middle of communion with her familiar when a loud pounding came at the front door. Theophilus opened it to a priest of the temple and Councilman Hearthmount, who demanded to see San-ji.

The councilman confronted the witch about her whereabouts the evening before, and was not wholly convinced by her story of simply visiting the professor’s grave. As an outsider, San-ji was an immediate suspect when the town’s sheriff, Benjan Caeller, discovered that the Harrowstone Memorial south along the banks of the river had been defiled. Honestly surprised at this, San-ji and Theophilus convinced the two townsmen that they had nothing to do with the desecration, and in fact talked them into allowing the group to investigate the scene. Before the two men departed, San-ji voiced suspicion that the act might have something to do with the ruckus prior to the professor’s funeral, but Vashian had already questioned Gibs Hephenus (the mob’s ringleader) and determined he was unaware of the memorial’s vandalism.

The party, accompanied by Kendra and Dabda, walked south and found the memorial guarded by Sheriff Caeller. The statue was spattered with blood, and a large V had been painted on the far-left of the statue’s base. Benjan mentioned to the group that he discovered the vandalism during his daily rounds about the town.

The inquisitor’s keen eye noticed tracks around the memorial, but determined that they belonged to the sheriff’s hob-nailed boots. His Detect Magic revealed the faint traces of a Pass Without Trace spell, earning a grudging admiration for the perpetrator, who obviously knew how to effectively cover its passage.

San-ji collected a sample of the blood from the vial, and mentioned that the amount of blood ruled out an adult human victim (or even a child); instead, a smaller animal, like a small dog or perhaps a rabbit, had died to provide the vandal’s grisly pigment. She also noted that the blood had a strange scent to it – fruity, identified by Theo as probably a fruit wine.

With the evidence collected, Marcus washed away the blood from the statue using his Hydraulic Push spell, and the group turned back toward town, wondering what this strange new day would bring…

Whispers, Evasions, and Midnight Expeditions

Whispers, Evasions, and Midnight Expeditions

Real date: February 24, 2012
In-game date: Wealday, 10 Arodus 4702
San-ji, Theophilus, and Dabda

Arriving at the Temple of Pharasma, Theophilus, San-ji, and Dabda seek out Father Grimburrow to question him regarding various events. Dabda ((temporarily played by Asma)) is asked to go speak to another member of the church clergy while Theo and San-ji chat with the dwarf priest.

Outwardly, the father seems fairly warm and welcoming, but upon questioning both the adventurers note that he seems to be hesitant to discuss a few things. He relays some general information on Harrowstone Prison, such as the year of the fire that destroyed it, general information on the types of prisoners it housed, and that nearly 300 people died in the conflagration. In regards to researching the topic further, Grimburrow (again seeming to wish to keep something to himself) directs the party to use the libraries at the Lorrimor estate and mentions that the town hall might have some records – although the council may be reticent to let them dig through their paperwork.

When questioned regarding the Professor’s death, the dwarf priest openly admits that he and the academic were not close friends. While he seems to hold the professor in respect, there’s also a sense of animosity there regarding Grimburrow’s limited knowledge of Lorrimor’s research into the darker topics of arcana. He truthfully admits that the professor had never mentioned being in ill-health, though, but points out that “when Pharasma calls, we go,” – in other words, that heart attacks can strike unexpectedly. He directs them to the town’s apothecary, and notes she was closer to the professor and might know if he was in ill health.

As a final line of questioning, Theo brings up the topic of the Whispering Way. Grimburrow at first has no recollection of the phrase, but then recalls that he knows it because he knows nothing of it; he remembers the professor mentioning it when he came to speak to the priest about Harrowstone, and that he could not provide the professor any information on it.

At this point in the interview, San-ji notices that the father has started to withdraw into the strange, insular attitudes of the region, and so makes her farewells. Theophilus remains behind for a few moments to speak with the professor regarding a private matter, and then exits to join Dabda and San-ji. The adventurers decide to go try to visit Jominda the apothecary.

Passing across the darkened northern bridge of Ravengro, the three encounter a group of girls playing jump-rope games near the town’s welcome sign and notice board. The girls are singing a rather disturbing nursery rhyme while skipping rope, and Theo and San-ji approach in as non-threatening a manner as possible to ask about the strange song. A black-haired girl named Magda mentions that she learned it from her sister, but otherwise doesn’t know anything about it. The children are called in for dinner and flee from the strangers, leaving only the disturbing ring of the gruesome rhyme in their minds.

Traveling into the town circle, the group finds that Jominda’s Apothecary is locked, and no lights are on inside. With their immediate plan delayed, the group turns toward home.


While the others are off at the Temple, Kendra excuses herself to take a nap, and Marcus indulges his bibliophilic nature and begins to dig through the tomes entrusted to them by the professor. After ascertaining that two of the books are unholy tomes relating to the dark gods Urgathoa and Zon-Kuthon, and a third has to do with aberrations that inhabit the void between worlds, the most interesting is a rich purple tome with a golden metal scarab on its cover. The book is securely locked and the key is not in the chest.

Marcus lays these books aside and spends some time researching the topics mentioned in the dark arcane tomes. The professor’s library reveals some detail regarding the topic, but nothing that strikes him as immediately pertinent. As the afternoon wears on, the librarian returns to the professor’s journal, where he again notes mentions of the Whispering Way, and begins to research it further, discovering some better insights as to what the cult is about.

As the researcher begins to make himself a snack, Kendra awakens and joins him in the kitchen. Although she does not know about the locked tome, she directs Marcus to the professor’s study to look for the key further.

A search of the study reveals more books, a blotter ‘copy’ of the professor’s most recent will, a roll of fine lockpicks in the professor’s desk – and no triangular key. With no key found, Marcus begins to look through the books in the professor’s study, but is interrupted by the return of the others.

Full party

The group comes together in the warm kitchen and discusses their findings of the day. All the adventurers realize, as they put their pieces together, that a sinister picture is taking shape in the events around Ravengro.

As Marcus reveals what he discovered about the tomes, he mentions the locked book. Theo tries using the professor’s lockpicks to open the scarab lock and fails; San-ji tries with her own picks but is unable to get the lock to budge. Finally, Dabda uses her knowledge of metals to break the lock with her blacksmith hammer, and the book is opened.

At first, the book appears to be gibberish, but closer inspection reveals it to be a very complex cipher. Using Comprehend Languages, Dabda is able to decode the text and relays that it deals with a group called the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye. A group nearly as steeped in mystery as the Whispering Way, the Palatine Eye is more of a political organization with some interests in the arcane. Little else is revealed about the order, but there is a note in the book from Professor Lorrimor, asking that the book be delivered to the (provided) home address of Embreth Daramid, a judge in the courts of Lepidstadt.

With full darkness outside, Marcus reminds the group of the professor’s mention of a false tomb in the Restlands, where a cache of ghost-hunting gear might be found. Originally he plans to go to the tomb alone the next morning, but Dabda voices concern that the Temple might have issues with disturbing a crypt in their cemetery, and that such investigations might be better done covertly.

The party quietly makes its way to the Restlands and approaches the tomb mentioned in the journal. From the outside the crypt appears to be a typical, largish marble crypt. On the roof are several gargoyles, their mouths opened in a strange circular manner. The stone doors of the crypt appear to be locked, but upon closer inspection the lock has been broken and simply arranged to appear locked. San-ji removes the lock and the group heads inside.

After searching for a brief period in the candlelit tomb, the group notes that a patch of tile in the back of the room is free from dust. Marcus approaches the stone urn and heaves against it, pushing it (and the tile beneath) aside to reveal a ladder heading downward.

Descending below, the adventurers find a ruined chapel, aerated by vent holes that apparently open through the gargoyles above and lit by ever-burning torches. The group begins to explore the ruined chapel, unaware of the dangers that may soon befall them…

Funeral for a Friend

Funeral for a Friend

Real date: February 18, 2012
In-game date: Wealday, 10 Arodus 4702

Having gathered in the uneasy town of Ravengro, Marcus Gans, San-ji, and Theophilus prepare to pay their final respects to their comrade / mentor/ employer Professor Petros Lorrimor. Taking advantage of the hospitality of the professor’s daughter, Kendra, the group is staying at the Lorrimor estate just south of the town circle.

Early in the overcast morning of Wealday, 10 Arodus, the three adventurers, with Dabda and Kendra, set out to the Temple of Pharasma, on the other side of town, where they collect the casket containing Professor Lorrimor’s body.

A wagon takes them to the gates of the Restlands graveyard, where they are met by a party of townsfolk, including Councilmen Vashian Hearthmount and Gharen Muricar, Zokar Elkarid and his son Pevrin, and Jominda Fallenbridge. Councilman Hearthmount offers his heartfelt condolences to Kendra, and then the group heads into the north entrance of the Restlands to await the funeral procession at the grave site.

Kendra explains that traditionally only the kin of the deceased and his pallbearers will make the trip along the Dreamwalk, the gravel path that winds through the Restlands cemetery, and so the party heads in amongst the tombs.

But just shy of the sharp turn in the Dreamwake that leads onto the Eversleep Path, the party encounters an entourage of six drunken townsfolk and farmers, led by an angry Gibs Hephenus. Hephenus confronts Kendra and demands that her father – a “necromancer” according to the elderly man – must not be buried in the Restlands.

San-ji (with aid from Marcus) cows the mob somewhat with her angry words, but Hephenus is not frightened. Theophilus steps in and helps to defuse the situation with some diplomatic words, and the will of the mob breaks, the angry townsfolk dispersing out of the cemetery.

Just as this occurs, Father Grimburrow and two gravediggers arrive, and Kendra explains what happened. The procession continues on to the grave site unhindered.

At the grave, Kendra delivers some words of eulogy for her departed father and breaks down in tears. At Grimburrow’s invitation, Theophilus steps forward and delivers a touching remembrance of the professor; Marcus places a tabard from the faculty of the University of Lepidstadt onto the coffin, and San-ji has her familiar, Gonkwin, drop several wildflowers into the grave.

The memorial service completed, the party returns to the Lorrimor estate, accompanied by Kendra, Dabda, and Councilman Vashian, for the reading of the professor’s will. In the will, the professor lays out both a charge and payment for his compatriots: For a hefty sum of 100 platinum coin apiece, the party must return several tomes of dark arcane knowledge to the University of Lepidstadt; before departing, however, he asks that they remain a month with his daughter, to ensure her safety as she clears up the remainder of her father’s affairs and determines whether to keep the Ravengro house or to move on elsewhere.

Vashian delivers the key to the chest containing the tomes to the party. Marcus unlocks the chest and inside finds not only the three tomes mentioned in the will – but a battered leather-bound journal filled with the professor’s notes and memories. Six of these entries have been circled, and as Theophilus reads them aloud, the party realizes that the professor’s death may not have been as innocuous as it seemed.

Theophilus, San-ji, and Dabda determine to visit the Temple of Pharasma to investigate certain statements from the journal, while Marcus decides to remain behind to care for Kendra, in case she needs aid.

Initial timeline
Initial timeline for the Haunting of Harrowstone

Sonday, Year 4692 AR: Professor Petros Lorrimor writes in his personal journal regarding the Whispering Way.

Wealday, 6 Sarenith, Year 4702 AR: The professor enters a brief note in his journal that the Way seems to be interested in something near Ravengro.

Fireday, 13 Erastus: An entry is made in the professor’s journal that the Whispering Way seems to have some interest in Harrowstone Prison.

Sonday, 22 Erastus: The professor writes in his journal that the Whispering Way cult is interested specifically in someone who was held in Harrowstone, and proposes that the Temple of Pharasma might have a list of former prisoners who died in the fire.

Toliday, 24 Erastus: The journal records the professor’s discovery of an active and malevolent haunting at Harrowstone, as well as the presence of strange runic glyphs carved around the prison.

Wealday, 25 Erastus: Professor Lorrimor updates his last will and testament, and encloses his personal journal in a locked chest with several other dark arcane tomes. That evening he apparently makes his way up the hill toward Harrowstone Prison.

Oathday, 26 Erastus: Sometime in the morning, Jominda Fallenbridge, out gathering herbs for her apothecarium, comes across the professor’s body on the little-traveled road leading up to the prison. She immediately calls the town sheriff, Benjan Caeller. The professor’s body is taken to the Temple of Pharasma. After reviewing the professor’s will, Councilman Vashian realizes that it may take an extended period to gather the interested parties for the professor’s funeral, and impresses upon Father Grimburrow to perform a spell of Gentle Repose on the body. The body remains in the temple’s locked crypt until the morning of the memorial service.

Fireday, 27 Erastus: Kendra Lorrimor, distraught but strong, immediately hires messengers to deliver the necessary letters to the player characters.

Sonday, 30 Erastus: The messenger arrives in Lepidstadt. He uses the funds provided by Kendra Lorrimor to hire a rider to go to the northern Shudderwood to deliver the message to Theophilus. He takes the letter to the university and delivers it to Marcus’ supervisor, and then rests overnight. Marcus’ supervisor does not deliver the letter to him until the next morning.

Moonday, 1 Arodus: Marcus leaves on a carriage headed for Ravengro.

Toliday, 2 Arodus: The messenger delivers Kendra’s letter to San-ji at her cabin in the southern Shudderwood. San-ji leaves that afternoon. The second messenger delivers Kendra’s “message in a bottle” to Theophilus’ cairn.

Oathday, 4 Arodus: Theophilus checks in at the cairn and finds Kendra’s letter. He climbs aboard a carriage late that evening.

Fireday, 5 Arodus: San-ji, having ridden hard, arrives in Ravengro in the morning; one of the daughter of the owners of the Ravengro General Store, is setting up the family’s market stall in the town circle and directs San-ji to the Lorrimor estate, where the Witch meets Kendra for the first time.

Starday, 6 Arodus: Marcus arrives very early in the morning to Ravengro. He meets Zokar, the proprietor of The Laughing Demon, who directs him to the Lorrimor estate. After failing to ‘hit it off’ with San-ji, he meets Kendra and settles in.

Toliday, 9 Arodus: Theophilus arrives by carriage to Ravengro. A fruit stall merchant in the town circle (and incidentally, one of the farmhands who is part of Gibs Hephenus’ mob the following morning) directs the Inquisitor to the Lorrimor estate. That afternoon, Kendra introduces the three adventurers to Dabda Rockcaller, Cleric of Pharasma, and informs them that her father’s memorial will be the following day.


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