Errrata – Harrowstone date changes

Last game session (Feb. 24, 2012) there were some questions answered about the date that Harrowstone burned down. I am retconning the answer that I provided, simply because I don’t feel like it makes sense that the fire occurred within the lifetimes of the current citizens of Ravengro.

Thus, Harrowstone Prison was established in 4494 AR (rather than 4594 as per canon); the fire that destroyed Harrowstone occurred in 4561 AR (rather than 4661). This means that the fire occurred roughly 141 years ago.

Ravengro is mostly populated by humans, and so the generation that witnessed the fire first-hand would be dead by now. The only race long-lived enough to possibly have had members alive at that time are the elves; Ravengro’s elf population is very small (8 people out of around 400), and for simplicity’s sake (and to make you work for it, heh), I’m ruling that all of those elves moved into the town after the fire occurred.


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