Harrowstone Prison

The ashen bones of Harrowstone Prison, Ustalav’s most infamous penitentiary, loom above the town of Ravengro, a blackened skeletal reminder of the reason for the town’s founding.

The prison was founded in 4494 AR, to act as a home for Canterwall’s most nefarious and violent prisoners. The town of Ravengro was founded to house the various and sundry staff, from prison guards to executioners to the prison’s cleaning staff.

Eventually, the officials behind the prison’s construction realized they could earn more coin by taking in prisoners from other counties as well, and thus Harrowstone played host to many a dastardly criminal.

67 years after its construction, a terrible conflagration broke out in the prison, destroying much of its structure and killing hundreds of guards and prisoners. With such a tragedy, and with Ravengro now a self-supporting town (and with no money to rebuild), Harrowstone was permanently closed in 4561, and its bony ruins left to watch over the town to which it had, in an indreict fashion, given birth.

See Harrowstone dates in the errata section for information regarding the difference between canon dates and the dates listed here.


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