The Hidden Chapel cache

Contained within the two concealed cases in the hidden chapel is the following equipment:

12 silver arrows
4 sun rods
6 flasks of holy water
10 +1 magical arrows
5 +1 ghost touch arrows
2 +1 undead bane arrows
5 potions of cure light wounds
2 potions of lesser restoration
scroll of detect undead
2 scrolls of hide from undead
scroll of protection from evil
Darkwood case1
Spirit board
Brass spirit planchette
4 haunt siphons

1The darkwood case is worth roughly 50g and is adorned with a brass scarab beetle – the sign of the the Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye. The spirit board, planchette, and haunt siphons were contained in this case; six empty slots for additional siphons were also present.


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