The town of Ravengro lies on the southern shores of Lake Lias, in the southern portion of the county of Canterwall, one of Ustalav’s ‘free’ Palatinates. Originally a small village of only fifteen families, the village ‘boomed’ into a larger town with the building of Harrowstone Prison in 4494. Ravengro flourished because of the monies brought in by the notorious penitentiary, especially once it began to expand and take in prisoners from kingdoms other than Tamrivena (the present-day Palatinate county of of Canterwall).

By the time of the fire that destroyed Harrowstone Prison in 4561, Ravengro had become a self-supporting agricultural with a population nearing 300. Some historians feel that the destruction of Harrowstone, and the then-monarchy’s refusal to rebuild the prison, may have been the linchpin event that led to the bloodless coup of 4570 which brought about Canterwall’s current democratic state.

In current times, Ravengro has a population of nearly 400 people, and is primarily an agricultural community with a small subsistence fishing industry. Like much of Ustalav – perhaps more so because of the proximity to the remains of Harrowstone Prison – Ravengro’s people are terribly insular, and show a great distrust toward strangers.

See errata section regarding Harrowstone and Ravengro dates for non-canon changes above.


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