The Restlands

The area used for burying the dead of the town of Ravengro is called The Restlands. The graveyard was founded when Ravengro was still a small village of only a few families, living (if such a term can be used) under the rule of the Whispering Tyrant.

It is located on moorland to the north of the small town and well-tended by the Church of Pharasma based in the town’s temple and supervised by Father Vauran Grimburrow. A local tradition is the respectful drawing of a spiral over one’s heart when passing by, or through, the graveyard; this is a reference to the comet symbol of the goddess Pharasma.

Four gravel paths wind around the graveyard. The paths are carefully marked to keep people from wandering across the graves of the dead. These paths are known as Ancestor’s Walk (a pathway of golden gravel leading southwest-northeast and circling the central mausoleums), The Black Path (dark black gravel from north-to-south through the eastern cemetery), The Dreamwake (a deep blue gravel pathway running from the south-central entrance and north through the western graveyard), and The Eversleep (a red-gravel path running east-to-west through the north of the graveyard).

At the intersection of The Eversleep and the The Black Path is a marble mausoleum, its roof adorned with strange open-mouthed gargoyles. By moving the right-hand stone urn inside the empty tomb, a secret ladder is revealed, which leads down to a ruined chapel of Pharasma. A cache of ghost hunting equipment was discovered here by Professor Lorrimor, and was later collected by the adventurers.


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